The family Hotel "Reston Baikal" is located on the island of Olkhon, in the beginning of Khuzhir settlement, not far from the beautiful san beach.

The Hotel opens a splendid view to Maloe Seaее to our guests.

The Hotel is both good dor those, who prefer relaxed family leisure and for those who are readady for, different routes and excursions.

At your spare time you can visit Khuzhir Local History Museum, get a beautiful suntan on the sand beach near the sacred place - Cape Burkhan, take a walk, enjoying the unique nature of the island or take a mountain bike and enjoy the route a long the more remote areas of the island. You also can take a horse ride. If you are tired - a relaxing massage is at your service! In the evening watching of interesting films about Baikal is possible; and traditional evening bonfire will give you the opportunity to talk with other people and to share your impressions about your rest.

With your family or with your friends - we offer you cosy wooden cottages for 2 or 3 persons.

The Hotel offers a full variety of services to make your stay pleasant and interesting: all types od automobile routes along the island Baikal,, water cruises on the lake, fishing and the two - days water excursion to the ushkanii islands - the unique place, where the seal - cookery of nerpa (northern seal) is located.

Dear quests, we are always happy to welcome you at our Mote!!

Come join us!

If you are interested in our recreation center 'Family fun at Lake Baikal'
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